Elected Officials

Jenny Sewell, Mayor


P. O. Box 345

Dawson Springs, KY  42408

PHONE (270)797-2781

FAX (270)797-2221

The Mayor enforces all ordinances, supervises all city departments, presides at all meetings of the city council, executes all bonds and contracts of the city and appoints all city employees.

City Council Members

Rick Hendrickson  – Since 1997

Ray Bochert – Since 2011

Kenny Mitchell – Since 1999

Rhonda Mills – Since 2011

Mark MeGregor – Since 2014

Jackie Mathis – Since 2014

The Council possesses only legislative powers. They establish all appointive offices, provide for sufficient revenue to operate the city and appropriate all such funds in an annual budget and establish codes, rules and regulations for the public health, safety and welfare.