City Clerk

City Clerk

Amie Thomas

100 West Arcadia Avenue

P. O. Box 345

Dawson Springs, KY  42408


FAX (270)797-2221

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. M-F

The City Clerk. Responsible for maintaining and attesting to official records of the City, prepares the agenda for all City Council meetings, and keeps records of all regular and special City Council meetings. Maintains updated codification of ordinances, serves as City’s Personnel Officer, overseeing all City benefits. Responsible for billing and collecting City property taxes, business license fees, occupational taxes and insurance premium taxes. The City Clerk’s Office is also responsible for preparing all related employee withholding reports.

Majority of businesses are required to pay a net profits license fee.

Business Licenses are due by May 10th each year.

Businesses with employees are required to withhold and pay an occupational license fee of 1½%.

Vehicle “City” Stickers are no longer required.

City Property Taxes are due by December 31.

Reservations are required for use of City Park Pavilion and shelters.

Zoning Administrator

City Clerk issues business building permits and mobile home permits. Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission issues all residential building permits (270)825-4457.  Zoning business permits are also issued from Madisonville.