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Dawson Springs is fortunate to have its own K-12 Independent School System.

Dawson Springs Independent School District

Dawson Springs Independent School District

118 East Arcadia Avenue

Dawson Springs, KY  42408


Alexis Seymore, Superintendent


School Counts

The "School Counts" program develops high school students for success in education.  This will in turn yield benefits to Dawson Springs and Hopkins County for years to come in the form of an educated and qualified workforce.

Find out how students, parents, and businesses can participate.


Madisonville Community College

Dawson Springs is supported by the Madisonville Community College which is part of the Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS)



Beginning with the class of 2008, all of the students in Hopkins County who graduate from high school and earn four consecutive School Counts program certificates will receive up to $1000 per semester for four semesters for tuition to Madisonville Community College. This support will be for students who do not qualify for other types of scholarships or financial aid. It will be used in combination with available KEES money.